Terrible Craps Strategy, Real Player real strategy real game.

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Terrible Craps Strategy, Real Player real strategy real game.

4 thoughts on “Terrible Craps Strategy, Real Player real strategy real game.


  2. What about 66 inside but take the 15 off the 9 and put it in the Field? If the field hits press the 5 to 25 then 35 and stop at 50. If the 5 hits same presses while replacing most of the field bet. If 6 or 8 hits sister presses to 30, 42, 60 and stop at 90. Replace field each time with the 1st press the only time completely out of pocket for Field. If 2 or 12 come use that to make the 6/8 sister press up to 60. If 5 gets to 75 and 6/8 are 90 is it better to collect black chips and same bet, stay in the field, use the field to get across or just place the rest of the numbers?

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  4. Only way I've seen the Iron Cross variations win is if they are covered by a Don't bet. Still a grind, and ripe for the need to recoup.
    Player would have been better off putting the $15 Field on the 5 or 9, after 2 wins regress to $44 Inside, then go to work (or pull down +$42 & wait for the next shooter)

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