Testing my Favorite Craps Strategy (bubble craps)

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Testing my Favorite Craps Strategy (bubble craps)

10 thoughts on “Testing my Favorite Craps Strategy (bubble craps)

  1. Tried bubble craps the other day put 150 in walked out with 500. Like being able to small roll and just have fun sometimes. the machine I played seemed very consistent on rolling never fell like it did anything sketchy. I’d say it’s pretty fair.

  2. Used your strategy and won $400. Thank you for the content!!!

  3. Using the same strategy at a live table, is there a point where you would stop pressing on the inside/outside numbers, or limit the pass line bet amount in order to protect the amount you leave on the table for the eventual 7? And for clarification, "pressing" only means adding one additional unit of betting of the original amount and not doubling each time (eg $10min table, $20–>$30–>$40 and not $20–>$40–>$80 for presses). Thanks for these vids, it helped me to be so intimidated at the casinos!

  4. Am I the only one that seen that last roll and a seven was machine made ? I have played these machines multiple times on craps betting 5,6 and the field covering everything but the 7. When I level up my bets to a higher level like 200 a spin the seven repeats like no other. I feel like the machine will mathematically go to where it makes the most profit. Play live craps if you have the option. If you decide to play be cautious make sure the seats are full with other players as well. Yes it’s convenient with your own chair playing at your own pace and a great way to learn the game. Personally I get a bad vibe and have seen these dice turn in odd ways. Wish you all the best !!

  5. from what i seen after a few years of playing it doesn`t like when you play with a big advantage or making big bets trying to get rich fast. so playing low across the top you will noy have any 7`s for awhile

  6. Thanks for this video I need more of this content cus AZ only got bubble craps and imma try some of your strats! Thnx again and love those who don’t like this vid lol jk be kind folks

  7. The main question I have is say you put 6 bucks on the pass line and it hits, it is paying you 12 bucks. Why is it paying double? I'm new still, but I was playing the other night and when the pass line hit for me I only got paid whatever I had bet. (sorry if this is a dumb question) haha

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