10 thoughts on “The 100/160! Great little Strategy $$$$

  1. could i scale it back to 50 and 160 and just go for one hit on the recovery ya see what i mean

  2. Love it. I always hear about proving a shooter i didnt really see what people meant. Very interesting❤!

  3. I have an etiquette question. Wjat do u say when they get weird about non standard bets? The dealers around here some are very seasoned some are nit and it slows down the table. Then people think im distracting the money. What do u think about like the flow? Ur videos get a ton of rolls and continuitiy i dont want to mess up the Table vibe. Thanks brother love ur work.

  4. I really like the strategy but i can see myself getting stomped at the casino with this one😅

  5. Hey Waylon,,,, another awesome strategy,,, love it….. If I wanted to play this at minimum levels on a $10 table,,,, what is the rule for the minimum lay behind the 6 bet?,,,, or if no $10 tables available,, then maybe $15 or $25 table..??
    thanks in advance guys,

  6. Love this…I'm thinking after 2 hits on recovery I might try laddering down to 64 across and running the roll til 7 out…maybe try this after getting up on the original strategy…who knows 😂😊

  7. Waylon…another winner from The King of Craps Strategies! Smart in how you use the math of the game to make this win.😎 Pray you're still doing well and feeling better.🙏

  8. I want to know what you think is the best strategy period if your life depends on it $2000 bank roll

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