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  1. Thanks Waylon .. like and will use this strategy .. and no need for the greed as Pigs get Fat while Hogs get Slaughtered 😊

  2. This strategy is easily scaled to almost any bankroll (BR=2500 in this video). Divide BR by 20 to determine the bet on the 5 (125). Next, divide 5 bet by 5 for the # of units (30), then multiply # units by 6 for the 6 & 8 bets (150). The field bet is found by dividing BR by 25 (100). If you follow this guide, each 5,6,8 will win the same amount and the field will pay the larger calculated value. You will lose on a PSO which is a consistent 21% of BR each time (-525). 4 back to back PSO's could wipe you out if it occurs before you have won any bets. This calculation is good for table wagers of 500 and above and close to accurate in BRs in $100 increments. A $125 BR could be played on a $5 table and a $250 BR on a $10 table, but you'll have to adjust the 5,6,8 amounts to table minimums. If you are playing BubbleCraps, the bet values calculated here, should be useable on most machines. A $500 BR calculates a $25 5, $30 6&8, and a $20 field. 5,6,8 pay $35 but win $15; the field wins $20. PSO loses $105. Thank you Waylon. I enjoyed the video and the math exercise.

  3. Thx Waylon for one of your very best! Don’t overthink it, make a certain amount off each shooter, go for two rolls maybe if you get knocked off and most importantly Don’t get greedy, instead Be Satisfied! IMO yours is the best craps strategy You Tube station out there. Thx again. Happy New Year to you and all your family!

  4. If I may, let me run this out to the Craps community. I’m building a 8 foot practice table. I went to my local casino, the table was closed at the time. I took some measurements an what do you think I discovered ? The center line measured was exactly in the center of the table as it should be. The Pass Lines had a 4 inch difference to the back wall. On a 15 foot table thats not that noticeable if you’re not looking for it. Do you think that’s just by accident ? Not Me, they will do anything to through you off. So if you’re working off your landing zone beware. Go measure the distance with your hand on each end of the table. I don’t claim to know anything about Craps, but I know a hole heck of a lot about Casinos LOL.

  5. This is a great for getting some good time in at the table and getting those drinks to finish off the night. Use this to find a good shooter at the table and go big next time around.

  6. I like it!
    I did scale it down when I practiced it
    90$ 6/8
    75$ 5
    50$ field
    One hit and down till next shooter.
    When I pso’d
    I went to your original bet for one hit and down till next shooter.
    It’s working with a 1200$ BR.
    Thanks Waylon
    Love ya.

  7. Quick question …do you ladder up if you PSO on your first shooter??? And if so. What’s your next move if you PSO on shooter #4, and you haven’t been able to recoup your original loss of $525.

  8. Waylon, have you done a strategy on “See a Field, Bet a Field” with the no-streaks modification? 100x base bet for the bankroll, so for $25 unit would be $2500 bankroll. Stop goal of 10% bankroll, or $250 in this case. Bet a field, if it hits then continue. If it misses, then sit out until a field number rolls, then go up a unit and bet the field. Rinse repeat until you’re in the positive, then reset to base bet again. You basically avoid streaks of non-field numbers, and two fields or three fields in a row isn’t too uncommon for it not to work. I’ve been rolling it on a sim with $500 bankroll and $5 units, I’ve been up to $60 bets, but it’s easier to see the chip count on a simulator. Haven’t gone under yet.

  9. Telling you right now. I like the DGE stuff, and you know the Drunk Guy system is about patience and discipline. Small wins adding up to big ones. I'm all about this strategy Waylon! Easy. Money making. I don't have millions. I don't sneeze at $75-$100 per shooter. bad, I don't sneeze at $50 pretty shooter. Get a table of 10 shooters and your for yourself $750-$1k! Who don't want that?! Plus the less your bets are working, the less exposure. Build the BR, eventually move to $200 field, $250 5, $300 6/8 and so on! Awesome Waylon!

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