$500/HAND on Blackjack & This Happened! #Shorts

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$500/HAND on Blackjack & This Happened! #Shorts

here is the full video https://youtu.be/X6OtfEe2fI8- this shoe was crazy! Can’t wait to show you all. We are playing at the Hardrock in Tampa.

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$500/HAND on Blackjack & This Happened! #Shorts

10 thoughts on “$500/HAND on Blackjack & This Happened! #Shorts

  1. "what do I do" lol… Why are you betting so much not knowing what you're doing? That was a terrible hand but lucky the dealer busted

  2. As a dealer, it warms my heart to see you take care of dealer like that. Makes us like and root for you to win, and try to find any way to bend the rules to help you out.

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