Talking Craps with Casino Host – Michael Feldman!

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In this episode of Talking Craps, we visit with casino host and Golden Touch Craps instructor, Michael Feldman!

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Talking Craps with Casino Host – Michael Feldman!

10 thoughts on “Talking Craps with Casino Host – Michael Feldman!

  1. Great job Dave! My whole family watched it with me. We really enjoyed Michael. Much information we did not know about Casino Host. Thank you.

  2. Great interview David..Lots of Great information From Micheal. I will surely reach out to him since I don’t have a host at Paris anymore.
    Love your Interviews πŸŽ²πŸ‘

  3. Thank you so much for the great info, do you know the name of the new book about GTC and its the next class in Vegas ?

  4. Thank you for your servitude David, I am totally onboard with your platform. I truly appreciate your cordialty and your diverse tastes upon this ancient game. You truly are a great TV host and an amazing gentleman/ambassador for this game, that we soo love and cherish. Lord bless you and all your loved ones. May this year be filled with perfect health, joy, and prosperity beyond belief, for you and all those that you soo deeply love, amen, God bless you.

  5. How amazing it is, how they casted lots at the Holy feet of our Saviour upon that sacred cross for his garments, over two thousand years ago. To this day, we are still enchanted , disciplined and devoted to the miraculous effects, in which we cast our own lots and destiny for fortunes and higher means from the only game that is literally in your hands, amen. May you all find your dreams and treasures you seek upon this amazing Earth, amen. 🎲🎲

  6. Michael your 60 + rolls brings up a memory of my early days when I traveled almost weekly on gambling junkets and my wife started questioning me about having a problem or being a problem gambler. She would ask about three questions the would say, "well did you make us money?" when i said YES the questions ended.

  7. PLEASE stop the BS and get to the "meat" of this; not everyone has a lot of time; i don't care about the personal history, i'm watching to learn something useful and personal stories don't teach me anything.

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