9 thoughts on “Q8 s – reverse exploit – #pokerbrandon #poker #povpoker #aa #kk #pokerstrategy #qq #jj #bluff #flop

  1. Yeah that's why you bet more than 25 on the flop imo… you want to protect your hand and anyone holding 1 matching suit to fold

  2. The best kind of poker, limp & hope everyones bad enough to let it go to the flop 6 ways

  3. I'd call your raise and take a stroll around the table 👀 casually back to my seat calling that Ace 😂🤣😭

  4. Man these dogs in everycomment section barely able to pay rent act like they are phil ivey

  5. You got lucky there but doing this to your cards is a bad idea as they likely can see the reflection of red or black cards!

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