The CRAZIEST Poker FOLD Ever?! #shorts

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The high stakes poker action on TCH LIVE saw this insane poker fold. Chris Moneymaker (from Germany) flops what looks to be an unbeatable full house until the turn card. What would you have done with your own poker strategy if faces in this situation on a live poker stream and a $13,000 pot on the line. Would you make the hero call for $6,000?

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The CRAZIEST Poker FOLD Ever?! #shorts

10 thoughts on “The CRAZIEST Poker FOLD Ever?! #shorts

  1. I’ve been there. It’s not an insane fold, but it’s a hard one to make. Pretty narrow range of hands that you’re beating would shove.

    AJ could do that. And AK. Otherwise you’re losing to K-10, Queens, Kings, K-Q.

    It’s perfectly fine to call. But it’s also okay to fold.

    He could also have Jack’s, but that post flop action says otherwise.

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