10 thoughts on “The “Survivor”! The Best across betting strategy! I actually won over 4 g profit!Mistake at the end

  1. you never took out the 5$ for ever time you rolled a soft even number. You still paid yourself 40$ every time. Not a big difference but still a difference. Keep up the great strategies brother

  2. At the 30 minute mark I took 1000$ out of my rack and was gonna put my bets up but then I took my loosing hop bets down and the 1000$ out of my rack and gave to the bank lol so I actually made 1000$ more in profit

  3. i really enjoy watiching your game play and have taken a lot of ideas away from it, however, man even with random Randy, we just you roll and roll and roll all day long number after number. can you at least pretend to roll some 7s every one or two throws? maybe keep it realistic? i love bouncing your stratagies off of other games (real or bubble craps) game play. in every one of them, best rollers only hit 4-6 numbers before the 7 ususally.

  4. That’s exactly why I’m going to put the time in on practicing. Thank you so very much Waylon for the content. There’s nothing wrong with getting Monetized. YouTube is making money off your content. So should YOU

  5. Awesome strategy Waylon. I'd be sweating bullets and doubt i could play it without trying to prevent the 7 (hedge for a 7) from wiping me out. i will play / experiment with this one for sure and see what i get at the end of the day.

    Question1: Can you actually play this at a casino without slowing down the game?
    Question2: Will casinos let you keep your hop bets up there like you do? Thank you for what you do.

  6. The Survivor? I’d call this Get to the Hopper!

    You did it again! Just when I think there’s nothing more you can do you come up with something new!

    I’m amazed and amused as always. Thanks again!

  7. I Like it Waylon. I'm working on something similar I want you to take a look at when I'm finished and see if you might want to test out one day. 😉

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