How to Use a HUD to CRUSH Your Opponents!

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How to Use a HUD to CRUSH Your Opponents!

10 thoughts on “How to Use a HUD to CRUSH Your Opponents!

  1. Hey Jonathan, thank you for the excellent content. I currently play on Ignition, and was wondering how useful the hud is for the anonymous play? I'm sure all the information tracked is still great to review after a session, but during the live play itself, how accurate can the stats be against an anonymous player?

  2. Disgusting. Poker must be free of anything outside software. Playing live poker doesn´t allow any of this bullbad.

  3. I am about to invest in a program and i am very unsure which one to use – Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker. Jonathan uses both (?) with HUD Definitions available. Which one is the more advisable?

  4. I can’t even open Holden manager on my computer. The set up process is weird

  5. hello, the price of holdem manager ($ 60 – $ 100) is per month / year or how does it work? Thanks a lot!

  6. Dude, I downloaded your hud and the the import isnt even close to what yours is. It also doesnt download as JLHUD. I dont understand

  7. Another question buddy, I got it working now, but I notice that when I sit down at a table I am usually missing one or two players information. Do you have a fix for this? Just signed up for your website yesterday as well! Thanks man!

  8. JL, this is gold. Yesterday I download the trial version of HM, I used your HUD and my game improves a LOT. Thanks!

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