10 thoughts on “The Batman Dark Knight Strategy!$$$$$$$

  1. Waylon, loving it. Love all of your videos! Your ladder is fantastic. I am hoping to get out soon to play live.
    Question – do you think you could try and roll this out on a lower roll/10 dollar table? Would be really curious to see you play it on the lower units.
    Keep it up! Thanks!

  2. Great job on this one. Even without the come out craps craziness you still rocked it for like $400 or so. Love it.

  3. Curious to see it at the 3rd level what you do when u win do you come down justto second and still lay odds or go straight back to the first level thanks for video

  4. 29 rolls with six 3s or avg about every 5 rolls vs 5 Reds. Well-timed snake eyes and shockers with just about ideal numbers for a dont come strat. Good timing! You hit three hard 4s. No 2x4s or hard 6s. See a horn bet a horn hit 3 of 4 times. Shows how a warped a random distribution can get over the short term. And strong trends will persist and be bettable.
    The shocker could go all night!

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