10 thoughts on “The “DC Builder”! Great little Strategy! $$$$$$$

  1. I would never take DC down but instead place bet for 2 way win 4/10 $60 pay $120 -vig make $20 on roll 4/10 and $40 on 7. Of course the spread on 6/8 is only $5 / $10 but still better than removing DC.

  2. Nice strategy Waylon,, I'm working on a DC strategy myself,,,should be out soon. Very different than this but seems to do good. Thanks for sharing buddy

  3. You're right Waylon this is another good one.I went to the casino this last weekend and killed it with your playing with casino money strategy,and made over $2,000 profit.Think I might go play this one this weekend make some more money.Life is GOOD. Love it brother.God Bless and Roll tide. thank you

  4. How did you decide on 3 hits then press the place bets? Why not wait 4 or 5 hits then press?

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