10 thoughts on “The DC ladder! One bet Strategy! One of my favorites!$$$$

  1. Nice simple Dark strategy. Like the lower level buyin! (You know me I'm cheap with shallow pockets 🤣)

  2. I like to do a little broader strategy myself. I hope you try it…..After the number, I place 4 and 10 for $25ea and then $75 on DC. Then I use your ladder system.

  3. Hey Waylon, I like this at the Black chip level. Maybe you can roll it out a few more times live? Need to see how it gets itself out of a big hole when that time comes.👍

  4. Hi Waylon, great, easy and simple way to play. do you think this could work on a $25 table with only using a bank roll of $1,000?

  5. Me too! I'm at the Hard Rock in AC for my 68th birthday today. Played it at 2am last night and won enough to pay for the $30 valet parking.
    The Hard Rock is cool!
    Today I'm playing the 6 an 8 for my 68th birthday.

  6. Waylon, you have great strategy after great strategy and as an avid craps fan I appreciate you and everything you do. Question for ya, you have a 40 unit bankroll, the goal is to make 10% profit. What's your go to strategy?

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