The Hawaii 5-0 Craps Betting Strategy. A proven winner by @boxnumbers 808.

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Learn the Winning Hawaii 5-0 Craps Betting Strategy used by one of our crew, Elmer, who recently went to Las Vegas and came back a winner. Easy to learn for Craps Beginners and also Advanced Craps Players. Watch as he explains this Craps Betting Strategy in a Live Craps Roll. He is an avid craps player who practices his dice control daily. You can see more pictures of Elmer’s Vegas trip on Instagram @boxnumbers808.
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The Hawaii 5-0 Craps Betting Strategy. A proven winner by @boxnumbers 808.

10 thoughts on “The Hawaii 5-0 Craps Betting Strategy. A proven winner by @boxnumbers 808.

  1. Doesn't anyone else see a problem with trying to learn this strategy.
    All is good with bets, amounts, presses, shifting bets, # of rolls/hits, but,
    WAIT…Mention seven ratio and controlled shooters and end results of success is a bit skewered. Using a ''random'' shooter would appear less influenced.
    No shade, just IMHO.

  2. This is a solid strategy and the one that you and Elmer was telling me about in Blackhawk. Glad that I found this video again.

  3. Been searching around for different strategies and this is very intriguing. I really like the concept of playing with the casino's money. I really like the idea of win the money upfront to fund whatever strategy you are going to play i.e. 64 across, 61 Iron Cross, etc. You say to win your play money in three rolls then regress. Great idea and I want to try this but I some questions.
    1. A 7 rolls in the first second or third roll hurts bad. How many times do you keep going? Till your bankroll is depleted?
    2. Do you chase the loss or just reset like it never happened?

    Like I said, I really like the idea of playing with casino money. I have a friend that did something similar: He would bet the inside numbers 5/6/8/9 at 35/42/42/35 and win ONCE and regress to 44 on the inside numbers. He swore by it but said one bad roll hurt bad.

    Overall I like your channel and want to try this and the Hawaiian horn.

  4. Great content s usual! Question for Elmer. With that kind of control, do you ever work the come out?
    And would you do a video where do the same thing but with random rolls just to demonstrate difference?

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