The Hedgeless Horseman Craps Strategy – Variation – Converting to Place Bets

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How to play craps with the Horseman, by capitalizing on a long run – converting your Come Bet winnings into place bets

We take the base horseman, let the bets get set, and then with our wins, start placing bets, working your 3 come bets into a full across play!

Getting more out there on the table when you have the opportunity is always good play, especially when there’s no edge applied.


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8 thoughts on “The Hedgeless Horseman Craps Strategy – Variation – Converting to Place Bets

  1. The way you explain systems is so clear and easy to understand. I really appreciate your hard work on making these videos.

  2. This is something I struggle with. I get stuck in endless Come loop because I never know when to pull out and switch to Place bets. Once I’m Coming, it’s hard to stop. 😬

  3. John, if your Don’t gets knocked off, do you ever then go to the Pass if you have profits to use?

  4. The first time the $25 come bet hit it only paid $25 (Even money) If you placed it they pay $35. So two hits would of paid $70 ( 2X$35) VS $60 ( $25 + $35) Plus you have options with your pace bets. ( press, regress, take me down etc plus you can pick and have total control of your bets)

  5. I like the J. Patrick approach, never bet the come, why have a # come out twice to win, while a place bet, on the same # would win 2 times

  6. Hi John, I am trying to put together a You Tube posting with links to some of the best of the best strategies with a session bankroll of $1,000 or less. If you have one that you would like me to consider leave me a reply with the link. Thanks Dice Doctor

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