10 thoughts on “The Inside “Pack You’re Rack” Strategy! One of the (Best) inside Strategies there is IMO! 🤑 🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑

  1. $1260???? On two hits!!! I'm gone… See ya back at the house. Time to build a bigger bankroll. Thanks Brother Waylon!

  2. Like it!! I think I'm gonna try it at 400 inside. 5/9 hits, presses 6/8 to 240. 6/8 hits presses 5/9 to 200, pockets 16. Is that math right? What's the payout and down on those?

  3. It's one of your strategies that keeps you in the game, waiting for that long roll to accumulate chips and then to cash out, as you suggested. Very feasible.

  4. Love it…not to mention its ability to size down to lower amounts. I might try this next time I go once I get a job with money coming in to have a bankroll. I’ll let you know how I do. Keep ‘‘em coming Waylon 😉

  5. Love the inside # strategy when it works, like taken candy from a baby, I made so much one time on the inside, I felt guilty, It felt like stealing🤣………I almost gave the money back🤔! ! !………..Just kidding🤑🤑🤑 Old Naples Beach, Way down South🐊🌴🎨

  6. 24:42 nice stick work and use of the puck. I really don’t know why you don’t have 10 million subscribers. You have very unique and versatile strategies. These systems could fit many play styles.

    Maybe part of it is most people don’t have 3 to 10k for a bankroll. Maybe you can mention in your starting rhetoric that $300 (wins $350 on 6/8) functions the same as $30 (wins $35 on 6/8). Meaning a $6000 BR could really be just a $600 BR.

  7. This strategy reminds me of a strategy I thought of, but takes out a fatal flaw.

    I like to do the inside peekaboo
    110 inside. Hit any inside number take that number down and bump the other three up one $25/30 unit.

    This works out to be a power press of $15/$25.

    Take back down to 110 and you are basically paid for for with $105 of winnings.

    What I hate about my strategy is that missing number hitting like three times before one of the bumped up numbers hit.

    Your strategy uses only profits making it more sustainable, but is arguably a little more streaky although probably more consistent due to more numbers covered.

    I particularly like the 30 5/9. If this is done on the peekaboo strat it makes the power press 15/13 if still pressing 25/30 units.

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