10 thoughts on “Dice control How to win in craps. 3V on a bouncy table.

  1. I went in with $100 and finished with $700. I used this very set and rolled for about an hour straight, hitting 9 points. Couldn't have predicted it, and since it was my first time using this method I only bet the minimum every time. Otherwise, I would have come out of the casino a millionaire.

  2. This is very helpful, even though i'm super late on the comment this really helps. Almost all local casinos on my area switched to bouncy tables in a week or so. Though I bet on tiny amounts 10$ – 20$ on numbers your videos have really helped me get better. Thanks!

  3. I have found 2 types of bouncy tables. My casino has minimum bet crapless table and also hi roller super bouncy table. The difference is super bouncy table bounces so much more on landing off the wall.This roll works great on crapless table. But I had three 1roll 7outs in a row on the super bouncy table . My point is there are different types of bouncy tables and sometimes you can think it is your throw but it can be the table. Never played the super bouncy again

  4. It's also clear that your spot on the table matters for your particular throw. U wouldn't be able to do this throw from the other side or an end. It's only the 2 spots to the right of middle if you're a righty or the 2 spots to left of middle if you're a lefty.

  5. I definitely am learning from you but I think you should mix in some new dice every now and then to make it more random.

  6. I went on a monster roll with this set yesterday. I hit 4 points and a ton of numbers. Should have won more but I literally turned $15 into $500. Best throw I ever had. Thanks for the gems BT

  7. Thanks bone i killed today using this i was averaging 12-16 SOR. I bought in with $200 and left with $1100 using your short game method. You the man!

  8. I killed it at the casino with this set there two days ago, turned 100$ into 1500$, rolled for about 40 mins straight. Made my buddy over 5k should of listened when he was telling me to bet higher… lol. I was happy. Headed back to try my luck after watching a couple of your vids.

  9. ive watched alot of your vids and this throwing style seems so random in slow mo compared to your other styles.like they hit and bounce all over the place.Nice video and I always give a thumbs up for all the time you take trying to help others

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