The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy – Part 2

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I went so fast I paid myself out of my own stack, and miscounted $5 at the end. Overall, I ended up with approx 75% more than what I started with. Please watch the first Iron Crapper video before this one, to get the basics of the strategy. I go very fast in this video. Please comment and revise if needed.

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The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy – Part 2

10 thoughts on “The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy – Part 2

  1. Looks ok, but when you get the 7 or 11 on the come out, your money goes… and then we've all seen that happen 2, 3 or even sometimes 4 times in a row! What then? Your money is gone before you can even get started.

  2. tTHANK YOU, it was interesting to watch and I believe your on to something that really works.I will try it tonight! lucky me I live in Vegas. One thing you need to know is It is ABSOLUTELY A FACT THAT THERE AREA SCHOOLS OF ADVANTAGE DICE INFLUENCERS/CONTROLLED DIRECTION SHOOTERS HERE IN VEGAS AND AROUND THE WORLD. I AM HAPPY TO TELL YOU I AM ONE OF THOSE Please ref THE BONE THROWER AND TONY LEOS PRESENTATIONS. THANKS AGAIN AND See you at the tables!

  3. Thx for the video. I followed this method w 100 rolls simulated on iOS craps app 4 times. Three times I lost money. One time I got up big. Two things to say: 1. Obviously the come out 7 kills you. 2. When you don’t get a come out 7, you still need a few rolls before the point is hit to have any chance of covering the losses.

  4. I use this strategy and kick booty , BUT I almost always Hop bet my 7 on the Comeout , it has saved me more than a few times. Just sayin

  5. Try experimenting with this strategy. On the Passline, place $50 on the Don't/$50 on the Do. If you want to cover the 12, $2 on the comeout. Assuming you get a point of 4, 9, or 10. Place $10 on the 5, $12 on the 6 & 8. $5 in the field. Lay $50 odds on the Don't pass. You are risking $34 on the place bets and $5 in the field for a total of $39. You're risking $50 on the Don't pass should the shooter make the point. If you can get passed 3 rolls, you'll make either $5 for the field, $9 for the 5, (lose the field), $14 for the 6 & 8 less the field. 3 hits offers 5 combination wins of $15, $20, $23,$27, $28. Call off the Place Bets, remove the field, take down the lay odds. If you like, you can place odds on any part of the $50 Pass to the point. Should you 7 before three rolls, you're covering $25 (half of the lay odds) for the place bets and the field. If the shooter hits the point before the three rolls, you lose the $50 lay odds. To try and cover all the money on the table is to expensive. You have to risk a certain amount; you are gambling. It's always a good idea to monitor the table before you put any money down, see what type of table it is. Lots of numbers, yes. Choppy, no. Don't; no. Move on find one with lots of rolls if possible. Maybe hard to find, but they do exist.

  6. I've been experimenting this strategy a lot with mock games, and even simulating bets while watching numerous craps table footage taken in casinos, by other Youtubers. Although, I like the strategy, my results were often not very encouraging. What you're hoping for, are long runs with numerous Field hits, which can build your bankroll. But, what kills you quicker than anything, are the 7/11 Come Out rolls, and they very often have a tendency to occur twice, or even three times in a row. When that happens, you can get wiped out at lightning speed!

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