The Mind – Day 1 – Craps Daily Paycheck

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Strategy: The MIND

Work with the puck.

$25 on the 4, 5, 9, 10
Same bet every win
Any time we don’t win – add $25 to each bet
At level 5 ($125 each), go back to base after a hit

On a loss you have a choice:
– Go back to base (John’s way)
– Come back at the same level you lost at (Waylon’s way)

Move to the 6/8 if table is trending
Pick up the 6/8 with early wins
Add the field once you get to level 3
Add the field right away, but bump the 5 by units

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The Mind – Day 1 – Craps Daily Paycheck

2 thoughts on “The Mind – Day 1 – Craps Daily Paycheck

  1. Big fan of Waylon and yourself. On any version of the mind strategy I would come down to base level as soon as you’re back in profit. That’s partially what hurt at the end of the video. Takes a lot of monitoring the rack like you said. I think he also stays at the base level until his first total loss on a 7 and then starts laddering up on each non hit. / in future I’d like to see you try either Waylon’s basic 4-10 ladder or The One strategy as a paycheck which, of course are variations on a theme. I am not however a fan of the 4-10 ladder from the don’t. I don’t think the DP is worth including. Can’t wait to see the rest of the week.

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