10 thoughts on “The “Mixture”Strategy! I like it! $$$

  1. Waylon… you got another winner. So… question is, when you’re at the casino, and like in the video you had two 4’s back to back… would you hop the 4’s and make $375… cause the next one was also a 4?

    Been doing this past 2 months and have 2 losers ($100) for each winner.. nets $225.

    Then started hopping sister numbers when there’s a pattern or a group- like 9-5-9— hop 5 & 9 and 5 or 9 hits…have maybe one loser for one winner— the 5 or 9 & net $175. Same with groups like 8-8-6.. often another 6 or 8 hits… same $175 net.

    Got interested in doing this after I watched this wild guy Waylon play his “Hop Magic”…so… you do this at the casino?🤔🤔

  2. Saucy!!!

    Tried this in Crapsee and it panned out. It's a good one imma have to give it a try at the Casino

  3. Another good hybrid ! I like how it switches back and forth and it still wins money 💴! That’s the bottom line! Thanks!

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