“The One” Strategy by @Waylon’s Way Craps

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This video is a roll out of @Waylon’s Way Craps “The One” strategy.

I am using a scaled down bankroll of $1,500 in green chips, including $25 in a $5 red chip & 20 white chips for vigs (Waylon rolled this out with a $6,000 bankroll using all black chips and paid his vig at the end of his video).

Start with a $25 Lay & $25 Lay 10 + a $25 Place bet on the 4 & a $25 Place bet on the 10. If a 4 rolls, for example, you’ll win $50 for a $1 vig, but lose the Lay 4. You’ll then ladder up by $25 each on the Lay 4/10. If a 7 rolls, you’ll lose the Place bets, but win on the Lay bets for a vig. At this point, you’ll then ladder up on the Place bets on the 4 & 10. If, say, a 10 rolls, you’ll win $100 for $2 vig, but lose the Lay 10. You can now ladder down on the Place bets, but you’re going to ladder up on the Lay bets by a unit. Rinse and repeat however the dice roll. No other type bets were played.

Thank you, Waylon!!

Waylon’s Way Craps:

“The One” by @Waylon’s Way Craps :

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“The One” Strategy by @Waylon’s Way Craps

7 thoughts on ““The One” Strategy by @Waylon’s Way Craps

  1. I have a video coming out on Waylon's "The one' with a comparison to his $30 DC ladder later. Good job on the I'm on the roll out. When he showed this to me before he released it yesterday I was amazed! A string of 7s does kill the strategy but then again every strategy can win and every strategy can lose. That string of sevens is a reason why you need a big bank roll.

  2. Thanks for the Video and shout-out brother! Pretty cool strategy! I appreciate yah my friend

  3. You forgot to take your place bets down when you hit the 7. And added on it so you should have bin fifty more dollars out of your rack. Look it was 20 minutes in.

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