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Every player is careful with his bankroll, and different players adopt different betting strategies. Although there are numerous betting strategies, they all fall under two categories, either a negative progression system or a positive progression system.
A negative progression system, encourages the player to double his stake whenever a player loses his bet. Whilst a positive progression system encourages the player to double his stake whenever a player wins his bet.

At CasinoTop10, we believe that a negative progression system such as the Martingale betting system, is a dangerous betting strategy since should you undergo a losing streak, it would mean you would eat a good chunk of your bankroll or even worse, you could reach a point of no recover due to different variables such as table limits.
At CasinoTop10, we are going to teach you the secret to one of the most successful betting strategies, obviously a positive progression system, the so called Paroli betting strategy. Each player has different bankrolls and plays on different tables with different limits. This betting strategy, recommends that the player begins his ‘streak’ by betting the table minimum, and although for some players this might sound low, you need not worry since you might be betting three times that amount or even more if you are a dare devil. For the sake of simplicity we will refer to this table minimum as 1 unit. So for example if a table has a minimum limit of $5, then $5 will be referred to as 1 unit.

Types of bet

For the Paroli betting strategy to work, the payout must also be 2/1. So this strategy works well on bets such as odds/even, black/red, in roulette, pass line bet in craps etc.. This strategy will not work on bets that have a payout which is less than 2/1.
This betting strategy is fairly easy. The player starts off by placing a bet stake of 1 unit. If his bet loses, he starts over again, that means that for his next bet, he places a bet with a bet stake of 1 unit. Should the player wins, the player doubles his bet stake. So for the 2nd bet following a win, the player bets 2 units. If the player wins again, the player is encouraged to bet 3 units. This goes on either until the player loses the bet / streak and starts all over again or else until the player deemed that he had enough risk and starts it all over again himself.

Putting the strategy into practice

Let’s look at this betting strategy in more detail. Let’s assume a player starts off with 10 units, and the player loses his first 4 bets. So he is down to 6 units. On his 5th bet or 6th unit, the player wins so now he is back up to 7 units. The player then bets two units (so down to 5 units), and wins again. Given his bet stake was that of 2 units, he wins back his stake plus winnings (so 4 units in total). This means that the player is now up to 9 units. Given the assumption that the player follows CasinoTop10 recommendation and plays his 3rd bet with a double of his previous, meaning his bet stake should be 4 units, If the player wins again, he would win 4 units (gets back 8 in total, 4 his stake and 4 his net winnings). Therefore given the player can score three consecutive wins, this would mean that in total the player would have won a total of 7 units out of a mere one unit. That means that the player can afford to lose 7 times with every 3 win streak.

At CasinoTop10 we recommend that a player recycles this strategy on each third consecutive win. This is to balance the risks versus the wins. Of course if you are a daredevil and have a larger bankroll, then you could obviously push it to a 4 win streak or a 5 win streak. The bigger the streak, the bigger the wins but the bigger the risks.

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The Paroli Positive Progression Betting System – Beat the Casinos

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