The Perfect Craps Strategy – Does the Unicorn Exist?

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What does a “perfect” craps strategy look like? Let’s try and figure it out. Today, we’ll try and define some basic goals.

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The Perfect Craps Strategy – Does the Unicorn Exist?

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Craps Strategy – Does the Unicorn Exist?

  1. I believe your play should be closest to a live play at a busy casino environment, whatever strategy you use, it matters how you use it, do you have a stop loss and win? If your losing, do you switch strategies, or walk and chart a table that comes close to the strategy your using, the secret is walking, the crap tables aren't going anywhere, use common sense, approach the table as you approach any job you're doing, except that you're working for yourself

  2. If the live table's not open play the craps machine if they have one. Most of them have them these days. OR learn to play another game like roulette or something! If the live table is crazy busy I would rather play the craps machines anyway!

  3. I would really like to chat about this unicorn strategy craft with you. I honestly believe the conversation would give you a week of shows.

  4. I think the key here is a transitional strategy. One that starts out for quick profit, high probability then uses a small percentage of that profit to hang for the big roll. In my testing, much more often than not, anything you have left on the table after 2 rolls is lost – either all or part.

  5. To really give d I a fair shake and dig deeper into trend changes during play, perhaps have a second bankroll ready and run a second player playing w/ the changes u see fit while sticking to the strategy w/ the original bankroll

  6. With regard to the question of whether to plow ahead with the strat as written or change up, is it too much to keep track of to do both, in a sense? Maybe bring in a second bankroll as a second player, with the flexibility to react to the current table conditions, talking through the choices being made on the fly, alongside the original bankroll being played consistently with that original strat, just to see if it does manage to battle back. I totally understand if you think that is too much to try to track with managing both bettors, hosting, watching chat, all of that, but I figured I'd throw a compromise option out there for consideration.

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