10 thoughts on “The” Run DMC ” Strategy! $$$$ A quick Hit and Run! $$$$

  1. Omg Waylon this is it – such a great play and you make a killing on the horn too – maybe we can incorporate the 5//6/8 too ?😊

  2. Another awesome strategy, just have a question for you to see what you think, I was thinking about playing the Iron Cross and leveling up and down what do you think ?

  3. Hey Waylon, you're so right about the tables that never really light up for inside place bettors. I tried this easy to play gem and got up to the 500 level and then hit the 12. Bankroll went from 6180 to 9555. Decided not to regress, but skipped the field bet after a 6 to see what happens. Threw two 6s in row and that pushed the place bets up to the 700 level. Then hit another 12 and up to 12105. So with a dash of luck it crushed with a nice, quick double up! I set 6-2, 6-2 for horns. Love double pays on 4,9,10 and using Hi-Lo as a bonus payout. This one ticks those boxes. Thanks a lot bro! God Bless you, Joe and the family. 🤑🤑🤑

  4. Waylon, I love these hit and run strategies, especially this one!!!!!! 🙂 Thanks again. Roll Tide!!!!!

  5. Food for thought, instead of 100 on 9, put it on 5? Makes 9 a push and 5 win 40 versus win 140 and lose 200.

  6. Question on roll where you had 400 on each and you hit a 9 for 560 and came down to baseline. On previous 3 throws, you lost 200 400 and 600 or 1200 total so 560 doesn’t cover the previous losses.

  7. Thank you, Brother, excellent breakdown of this strategy… I just might piss off the Bahamian pit boss this Friday night 🤔! I'm flying to Nassau by Myself this time… " RUN DMC TIME" on a 2,3 player table👍… …🌴🎨

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