10 thoughts on “The Satin Squirrel with a twist! $$$$ 5$ table or Bubble Craps level! Great Strategy

  1. I like the buy 4/10 progression that's how I grind out winnings on bubble craps. Laying them doesn't work well, pays half and you go up too fast too high for the max allowed bet to accommodate a progression, if your doing it you gotta do it on the buy side

  2. Bubble Craps – $5 Place Bets on the 4 and 10 Worked Out Well. It is Cheaper than the Rabbit in my Opinion. Thank you, Waylon. But I have to Confess, after 8 Rolls I switch to the Rabbit and Lay the 4 for $10, when I get that Red Warm Fuzzy Feeling.

  3. Waylon I love when you roll out the low roller sides of your strats! Please keep doing what you are doing brother.
    Stay saucy!

  4. This strategy seems to be pretty awesome, I was just wondering I know you said where you play their automatic buy bets, but where I played last they were not ,so can you buy any number you want and do you know the minimum you have to bet to buy the bets on the numbers, thanks.

  5. Thanks Waylon, going on a cruise tomorrow and was looking for a low roller strategy. This might work out,

  6. hey waylon, can you roll this out for a 15 dollar table. doing this strat and the satin squirrel just using the 4and 10?10 dollars are not around anymore on the east coast. thanks

  7. Your last roll point was 6 you hit it then rolled a . Should have been off for come out roll.

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