THE STORM – Hybrid Craps Strategy at Bubble Craps Level

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What’s up Everyone!

In this video, I go over a new hybrid from Greg (555 Craps) and myself at the bubble craps level.

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THE STORM – Hybrid Craps Strategy at Bubble Craps Level

9 thoughts on “THE STORM – Hybrid Craps Strategy at Bubble Craps Level

  1. That was cool. Simple to the point. Great way to show a strategy. Way to stay with it and make that mullah.

  2. That's cool. I like the video with crapsee. Great strategy and video. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Hey Chris, been messing with this in Wincraps. The main hole with the strategy is obviously getting hit on the DP with the flat and odds. One may want to consider that if you get beat by a shooter for DP flat and odds stop betting the DP on that shooter and maybe just go out with naked table min. across on shooter or skip the shooter and wait. If you get up and then get hit by multiple DP losses that hurts and can be avoided by limiting the full DP/odds loss to one per shooter. This strategy obviously works best when they are rolling box numbers and cannot make the point.
    Best of Luck at the Tables!😉

  4. I (like Jeremy at Color up) always buy the 4,5,9, and 10 when playing bubble craps because of the to the penny payout.

  5. Question: what units would you play this at on a $15 table? Don't need you to roll it out since you've showed off this strategy a bunch. But is it $75 on the DP, $135 odds, and what across?

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