The THIRD EYE – Craps Strategy and some BANTER

Craps Strategy Video Information:

What’s up Everyone!

In this video, I go over a new strategy called the THIRD EYE.

How the strategy works:
One Come Out Roll – $50 DP, $50 lay 4 and 10.

Once point is established, remove the Lay bets and come through the DC 3x at $10 or $15 depending on table minimum.

What would you do?

Gamble responsibly!

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The THIRD EYE – Craps Strategy and some BANTER

10 thoughts on “The THIRD EYE – Craps Strategy and some BANTER

  1. I like the fact your DP is flat unless you get sniped. DDP1 and I were talking after my Live rollout yesterday that there arent enough Dark (or Darker) strats out now that Greg isnt around as much. Love that your doing some Dark stuff!

    Also Greg: I had 2 long rolls Live without you on the show! So you see it doesnt just happen when you're on with us!

  2. Cool Strategy! I could see this doing well on a cold table! Enjoyed watching brother! Hello gf Degen! May the dice be nice

  3. Very cool strategy guys, Thank you! Can't wait for the follow up! Thank you Girlfriend Degen……. bet you can't get him to shoot a video with a vase of fresh flowers on the craps table?

  4. Ok, I have a lightside strategy that presses the 6 heavily 😜🙃😉—could gf Degen roll it out please? 😁 This was a fun one…and getting the ladies involved. We need more female representation at the tables—thanks for rolling out, gf Degen! Great video, Chris! (Hope you all are enjoying your vacay!) Thanks for feeding us degens content even though you’re away!

  5. Girlfriend Degen is the new relief thrower for Friday night fights when you host it. John would have called for her the night he lost the title. I will practic before giving it a shot at the casino. But what happens if you get knocked off the DP a third or fourth time. Does one Martingale or ladder up and then down??

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