10 thoughts on ““The Total Package”!$$$$$ One of the Best Lightside Strategies!$$$$$

  1. Thanks Waylon, another awesome ladder play with the usual proviso’s. Bankroll, bankroll, bankroll and nerve, nerve, nerve! Especially if the 6-7-8 get hot. Cheers. Rob

  2. Waylon wondering if you have tried this using the 6 or 8 to reduce the hardway as a loss?

  3. Love this one to my brother.I left you a comment on the 1 through 8 strategy in a response and I would love for you to come to Vegas and hang out with you.Thank you again for all you do.You are a Blessing to all of us out hear trying to make a buck against this game God Bless you and your Family.Roll Tide.Saucey.

  4. Hi, great strategy ‼️
    FYI You should add extra insurance on the come outs rolls only for $25 horn high yo! Add another $25 for repeaters.

  5. I added 6&8 at $30 only go up the ladder only on 7; come down on field hit (double hit) I think it’s a winner! Practice at home.

  6. Interesting strategy… You forgot to "pay the line" when you rolled two consecutive hard tens (One roll point)

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