The Truth about Free Odds | Casino Craps

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Today I discuss the Truth about Free Odds in casino craps. Is it a good bet or a bad bet to add additional odds behind your pass line bet? I describe how the expected loss is the same whether you have no odds or 5x odds, based off the casino house edge. I also discuss variance, which is the key to winning with odds when your numbers are being rolled.

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The Truth about Free Odds | Casino Craps

10 thoughts on “The Truth about Free Odds | Casino Craps

  1. No casino gives 5 x odds on all numbers! The tyoucakus 3xm 4xm 5x odds! If you are going to do a demonstration, at least do it according to the typical events. A 4 and 10 oay 3x odds, 5 & 9 oay 4x, and only the 6 & 8 oay 5x odds. Your demonstrations are full of mistakes and you really need to learn how to play craps fella and be realistic in your evaluations.

  2. Uh… no. The Pass Line bet is 1.4% the free odds bet is at 0.0% (no matter how much is bet that bet is at 0.0%). You play the Pass Line bet for the minimum bet where you lose your $14 over $1,000 bet. The free odds bets you're making for the maximum where your expected win rate is $0, but your expected lose rate is also $0. You're getting even money on these bets, so if you're going to gamble do it on these even money bets. It's actually just common sense.

  3. Love your videos,I've learned some things but craps is best when you simplify the scenario and bottom line some things,,odds are strictly a BANKROLL thing,that's it!!,its stressing enough losing your pass line and place bets to the 7,constantly putting money behind the line can shrink your bankroll rather quickly,YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PRETTY SIZEABLE BANKROLL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE

  4. @ColorUp
    Your calculations in this video are wrong.
    Player C is losing $14 for every $1000 played yes,
    Player A is only losing $14 for every $4,333 played,
    which is only $3.23 per $1000 played. This is due to the 0% house edge being averaged with the pass line 1.4% edge.
    This is pretty straight forward! I hope you learn this correction, odds are extremely amazing. (But you're correct about it being easy to lose a lot of money fast if you're on a losing streak).

    Play your odds, they are amazing! But watch for your losing streaks!

  5. I haven't done the math but it would seem logical for the day player: to always play the initial pass line minimum, then depending on what the next point number with come bets, is to lay your odds bet accordingly. So if you're playing all numbers and the next rolls are: an 8 or a six then place full odds. The 5 or the nine reduce odds bet by 1/3 and so forth again for the 4 or ten?

  6. Your a crappy shooter, if ever see you play im betting the don't pass and dont come against you

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