10 thoughts on “The video that casinos don’t want you to see.

  1. I do not see anyone factoring in that the pass line can only win once per 7 out session; but place bets pay out more often per 7 out. So in 10 rolls the pass can pay once but place can, probably not, but could pay all 10 for the same 7 out. So for a watcher doing the pass line for 5 is not bad, but a 6 dollar 8 would be a better watch or small bank roll bet.

  2. yup, pour on the place bet on 6 & 8 only. 45.45% win; 1.52% house advantage…too much casino advantage on 4, T, 5, & 9. good video. finally, I'm a believer in a min pass line bet which is 8:3 come-out favorite; full odds, of course.

  3. ummmmmmmm bone thrower odds in back pay more on 4 n 10 yout 2-1 in back plce odd only pay 9-5. i understand what your saying about all the chips in bunches so just don't bet there at that table find a quiet table.

    or just bet don't pass all the time if they are random shooters they will 7 out

  4. Odds bet on 6 or 8, 5 dollars gets 6, place bet on 6 or 8, 6 dollars gets 7. You are wrong. Offs bet pays better.

  5. A 5 dollar pass line with 25 odds pays the same as the $30 6/8 place bet…$5 pass/26 odds on 5/9 pays $44…plus the come bets come down and not at risk…it's all how you bet it.

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