7 thoughts on “Top 10 Craps Strategies: We Count Them Down From 10 to 1- #10- Butterburg by danntanna357.

  1. hope dge #1 to be truly legit…….only proven money making guy i know..just da facts

  2. To be fair with all of the systems, they have to be played on the same rolls. Rolling a new set of numbers (game) only shows us what that particular system or strategy did with that set of rolls.
    So…use this set of rolls with the other systems/strategies. IMO

  3. Nicely done Professor Profit , I enjoyed watching.I still can’t get over all those 7’s. Have a pleasant eveningBest regards Dan

  4. On a strategy scale of 1 to 10, (1 being the best) I would rate this system a 0 (zero).

  5. Way to go professor on the Dan Tanner butterburg” really enjoyed the strategy” especially with that Flawed Crapsee platform. Never seen so many 7’s:-)

  6. Hey professor again” since we all know or should know the Crapsee platform is flawed” maybe you could start rolling out on the felt again? You threw so many 7’s on that butterburg” to prove Crapsee is flawed” all you had to do is lay 2 bets on whatever number” say 4or 10 watch how Crapsee would have thrown not only less 7’s but the hit ratio on the 4&10 would have gone up! Sincerely:-)

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