Top 5 Low Cost Craps Bets

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Top 5 Low Cost Craps Bets based on a cost per hour basis at a $10 table. The top two spots is shocking. Im not saying they are good bets, as they are high house edge, which means the casino keeps 9-11% of your winnings, but they are a lost cost option to play. Check out the top 5 best Low cost bets to play!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Low Cost Craps Bets

  1. I think the math is just the math and each roll is independent. I don’t like expected outcomes per hour as part of the formula which I think skews the end result. Excluding the odds bet, the size of the bet shouldn’t make a difference or impact whether or not a bet is a good bet. The house edge no matter the game is what the casinos are built on. Just my two cents. One thing I do notice is no matter what bet you’re looking at, all of them have an expected loss per hour. Not one strategy that I know of that has expected win per hour. Everybody’s got an opinion and a belly button and free to play however they wish. Great video that’s sure to get a lot of people talking!

  2. I can totally see this as a valid strategy to just enjoy yourself. Roll dice. Have drinks. Socialize. Totally reasonable.
    Very interesting take on the traditional: Must Win MONEY! way of playing. Thank you!

  3. I went to my local native American casino (Desart Diamond) yesterday afternoon. Bought in for $500.00 and just played the pass line for $10.00 with full odds and a $1.00 hard way for exactly one hour.
    I never hit the hard way once, but I did walk away with a $300.00 or so profit.
    The only downside is trying to stay awake.
    Just Saying

  4. Great info! I’m waiting for a game to start up on a ship right now. Sounds like I’ll be making some $1 hardway bets tonight. 🙂

  5. This is great information Jeremy. I didn’t expect the hardways to be top rated.
    Silly question though. Would the short game strategy change any of the math? In other words are we assuming that we make a bet and keep bets up until the 7?

  6. It's called gambling for a reason. Bet hardways and if the dice are nice you make money, even on short rolls. To make money placing and pressing you need long rolls.

  7. Except you can’t figure it a non hard way 4,6,8 or 10 will appear which would bring your hard way bet down, which you would have to re bet.

  8. You need to make a video if you haven’t on what a buy bet is on the 4 and 10. Could I just place 20 on the 4 instead of buying it? Can you buy other numbers? Etc.

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