Turn $200 into $1500 at Craps with minimal risk

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Turn $200 into $1500 at Craps with minimal risk is a fun little side bet or betting strategy. Only attempt if you have the funds to take a big risk. This is a poor bet ( high house edge) but I can be fun and pay off big. This bet is based on the 2 or 12, with a big payout of 30:1.

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Turn $200 into $1500 at Craps with minimal risk

10 thoughts on “Turn $200 into $1500 at Craps with minimal risk

  1. You showed a way which is best tried when the player is already ahead for the session.
    Otherwise it's a really, really long shot of 1/36 x 1/36 chance of happening….equals .000771 chance.
    A more attainable wager is $5 on hopping 7 with C & E….provides 12/36 chances of happening.
    As the first 7 or 11 hits, (pays $11) then parlay to $12 hopping 7 with $4 C & E. If C rolls, (pays $3) then press 7 to $2 each and stay up on C & E.
    Going for the 2nd win is 12/36 x 12/36 chance of happening….equals .111111 chance.
    If a second C hits, the bet pays for itself and ready for the next come out roll.
    IF the second roll is a 7, then just Double the bet from the payout and rack either $36 or $16, based on the first roll…You're in bonus land with a shot.
    Going for the 3rd win is 12/36 x12/36 x 12/36 chance of happening….equals .037037 chance.
    You are now waiting on the 3rd roll with $24 hopping 7 with $8 C & E, or $12 hopping 7 with $4 C & E.
    Then just quietly collect the payout on the Front Line Winner on 7 11, and Do Not Press Unless you hit a 4th roll.

    It's no myth when I say that it often takes 4 rolls to establish a point and this method gets results! How often do you see it happen?

  2. You risked $200 to place an average of 1 $50 bet on 30:1 with a 2.78% chance to win. You could have played the yo twice at 15:1 with those black chips and had two shots at the same money with 5.56% chance to win EACH. Even if you factor in getting the $100 back you're still twice as likely to win the same 1500 putting your $100 straight on the yo! Not as fun, sure, but better gambling, and you don't have to worry about your losses playing the line all that time.

  3. I dod this on the iphone game and i rolled about 30 times finally hit the 12 and than actually hit it again with the 50 on it haha

  4. I like it except for the $50 bet . I would rather rack the $100 and look at the $50 as 10more rolls . Just my thought ….. Great video as always and by far one of your best rolls .

  5. Better off doing this on a double zero roulette wheel less house edge and higher payout

  6. Dam, why show loosing strategies. Has anybody made 1500 from this strategy? I submitted a strategy that was a win, but only loosing gets to get showcased. LOL.

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