Wager Me This Strategy & CMJ Rack Management – Becoming a Better Craps Player

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Managing your chip rack at the craps table is one of the essential skills a craps player should master if they want to consistently win. In this video, I will cover the CMJ Method of managing your chips at the craps table so you know exactly how many chips you have on in your rail at all times. I will do this by rolling out a strategy borrowed from Jacob at Wager Me This.

Precursor videos to this video can be found here:
– “5 Craps Table Essentials” = https://youtu.be/cogjhy8nW4g
– “Manage Your Chips at the Craps Table” = https://youtu.be/LblJfspGjKQ

The 5 essentials skills every craps player should learn can be found here:
1. Recording Your Throws: https://youtu.be/vdy0aXV_PyY
2. Chip Rail Management: https://youtu.be/LblJfspGjKQ
3. Promoting the Game of Craps: https://youtu.be/SslOkoYJ5MQ
4. Observing the Table: https://youtu.be/uLcVK9dimQI
5. Preparing Yourself for the Game

To watch the original video at the Wager Me This channel: https://youtu.be/QCf2HPgnn1A

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Wager Me This Strategy & CMJ Rack Management – Becoming a Better Craps Player

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  1. Love the rack management info. Sometimes it's the most over looked thing that we all should be practicing. Great video Joe. Thank you

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