9 thoughts on “Waylon’s Grind! Can you beat it? $$$$

  1. Here is what I think about it. On the regular table with one or two guys making 2-3 points, 2 to 5 seven out in a row, and the rest make a point and seven out, this strategy works well. The player benefits from hot shooter and 7 outs in a row. The bankroll needed to sustain prolonged choppyness. So, I would increase bankroll

  2. I really like this strategy waylon, just one question I know when you lay the 4 and 10 its 40 but when you buy the 4 and 10 is it 40 also or can you go back down to 30 ? Thanks

  3. I still prefer your lay the point ladder the best. This seems to be less consistent for me when I roll it out.

  4. Hi, Waylon! I've "liked" a ton of your videos and just now also subscribed to your channel. Love your strategies but have yet to get the chance to try one. I'm getting that chance this coming weekend and following week. What are your favorite strategies to use at a $10 minimum bet table, with "random Randy" rolling (including myself as I don't "set" the dice), and with a $2,000 bankroll?

  5. This could take a while at casino table but I’ve rolled it 10 times and I haven’t come close to beating it. Thanks for another good one Waylon!!!

  6. Out of the gate I slowly dwindled to minus 16 units, Then around roll 100 I was even again , at roll 153 it was positive 15 units in profit, I didnt reset to base level at a new profit because I was after all the losses and proved positive recovery in the end of session

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