Waylon’s “Mind 160!” Strategy by @waylonswaycraps (Oh, It’s Saucy!)

Craps Strategy Video Information:

This video is @waylonswaycraps “Mind 160!” strategy played with a $1K bankroll using dice setting.

The idea is to start $160 across as follows: $25/$25/$30/$30/$25/$25 on the 4/5/6/8/9/10, respectively. On every box hit you collect only (no pressing bets). If you “7 out,” you then ladder up one unit on each box number for one hit and back down to base ($160).

The catch is, if on the Come out roll, you roll 7’s or horns, you then have to ladder up across that many times (ex. if you roll a Come out “7,” then roll an Ace-Deuce 3, and then establish a Point, then you have to ladder up across twice!

Walon’s Way Craps:

Waylon’s Mind 160!:

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Waylon’s “Mind 160!” Strategy by @waylonswaycraps  (Oh, It’s Saucy!)

5 thoughts on “Waylon’s “Mind 160!” Strategy by @waylonswaycraps (Oh, It’s Saucy!)

  1. Great job with Waylon's Mind strategy! Also, thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad we got everything working for you. AND, nice color up!

  2. Great rollout Craig and cameras look good. Top camera doesn't look too bright for me!

  3. Absolutely Freaking Awesome shooting! Great video love the setup! Love this strategy!

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