Waylon’s Mind Strategy on a $400 Bankroll (+$423)

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Feeling bold and brave, we attempt Waylon from Waylon’s Way Craps Mind Strategy with a $400 bankroll. playing at the $25 level. DISCLAIMER: This was very risky and if you chose to play this with such a bakroll at this level you do so at your own risk. The dice happened to roll in our favor early, and thus we were able to double our bankroll prior to the table turning decidedly cold, at which point, we walked away. Hope you enjoy!

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Waylon’s Mind Strategy on a $400 Bankroll (+$423)

4 thoughts on “Waylon’s Mind Strategy on a $400 Bankroll (+$423)

  1. nice roll out. It was almost going to good in the beginning, wasn't it? This would be fun on a hot table.

  2. Waylon’s strategies are ok, most are press on a loss systems, which means you win a little bit multiple sessions then get clobbered with a big loss.

  3. Maybe a lesson learned here. At 11:54 after the press up of 5 and a win, when you took everything down…that would have been time to color up…end of session. Nice win of about 1400 on a 400 buy-in. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
    I'm thinking that will be my personal color up point. Great presentation! TY. Yep..I hit the sub button.

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