7 thoughts on “Waylon’s Mind Strategy! Video for BW ! Plus a Small Rant lol! πŸ€‘πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’΅

  1. Bottom line is subscribers. While Vince has more, you are catching up to him since this feud. Plus, he ain't got your smooth southern style. Tucking your winnings away off the rails, in a pouch 'out of sight out of mind' is petty minded.
    PS Your quick rolls are completely random Randy

  2. Thanks brother. I took a screen shot of the payout sheet. Much appreciated. Damn man. That outside version made a killing quick. That inside version would have tripled it. Thanks again for everything.

  3. 20 k bank roll.! seriously. i got 20 k too but I don't think I am putting it on the line all at once. you can lose it just like any of it. That dude Vince uses a computer model and then acts like his yankee ass is above everyone else and doesn't realize he sounds about as goofy as they come. Bless his goofy little heart is about all I can say about him. These strategies are strategies. Not guarantees of winning. It is just ways to play this game that can be profitable and make sense as to why you are going about this game in that manner. If I could help Waylon write a book of strategies I would. Just money invested is all I want to do with it. These strategies are just ways to navigate through the craps table It's fun once you know how to play this game.

  4. Hey Waylon. I noticed on your payout sheet that for 6/8 there odd bets such as $402, $1008, $1404. Will the dealers allow these odd bets? Also, this is at the $100 level. Do you know the 6/8 payouts at the $5 or $10 starting level so they pay like the 4/10? I’m gonna be playing bubble craps to start. If I can win consistently, I’ll high roll it in Vegas with a $20,000 bankroll. Thanks Man.

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