This is Why They ALWAYS Call Your Bluff

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This is the biggest mistake that people make when bluffing. Never bluff like this at the poker table. Any good player will just call you down.

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This is Why They ALWAYS Call Your Bluff

10 thoughts on “This is Why They ALWAYS Call Your Bluff

  1. Do they always call your bluff? Also, here are the 5 hands that good poker players never play:

  2. I don't bluff much. Might bluff in position with ace after everyone checked, but other than that, I never bluff. I like to semi bluff with straight draws and flush draws or mostly make big calls instead of trying to bet myself. I love to let others lead out and then call or reraise. I try to make my value bets look like a bluff

  3. Nathan, you talked about how to make your story believable, but the other half of the equation is figuring out what your opponent is calling with. Like if the flop came with two spades and your bluff got called there's a good chance your opponent is on a flush draw. Telling the good story is important but so is making sure you're not throwing chips away

  4. I find the C-bet is a winning bet more than 30% of the time. Yeah, floating the flop can be great but this is a dry board and if you don't keep the pressure on someone will apply the pressure to you. Remembering Doyle's maxim that "hold 'em is all about putting your opponent to a decision for all his chips." That's a compelling consideration pre-flop and on every street after

  5. What size are these bluffs? What size was the initial raise? What is the stack size of your stack vs TAG stack? Are these variables at all mentioned in your poker books, or do you not consider them relevant? Honest question I think, as they are almost never mentioned in your videos.

  6. It should be noted that getting caught bluffing isn't entirely a bad thing, as you will get more action when you do have a hand if your opponents know you are capable of bluffing.

  7. If the bb 3 bets in that first scenario are you instant folding your ace 9 off or calling the 3 bet to flop?

  8. I'm curious why it's assumed TAG player has low pocket pair here? If someone raises from the button and it's a LAG type player, I might just call with my QQ, QJ and even AT holdings, not to mention sets of 66's and 44's if I know the LAG is going to be true to form and smack every street with a bet. Even if I have just a small set on the flop and LAG bombs the river after betting flop and turn, I'm not likely to put him or her exactly on AT (nut straight).

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