What am I missing Craps strategy #craps

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What am I missing Craps strategy #craps

3 thoughts on “What am I missing Craps strategy #craps

  1. OOSOOM is missing! You should start with a little larger bankroll so you do not touch OOSOOM. Try it let's see how it goes. Thank you for the content! Professor

  2. Do the math to see what the starting bankroll should be. You are rolling 30 times maybe change it to the 36 roll challenge… That way you can figure you will throw on average 6 Big Reds, and will collect 5+5+4+4+3+3= 24 times and have 6 horns on average. So bankroll to cover around 5K just to be safe.

  3. What's missing is time. Where I play, a guy used to come in with a 10k bankroll. Press, press, press, ad nauseum. He doesn't come to the casino any longer.
    The chicken button works best!

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