Why A Craps Hedge Strategy

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A little bit of logic and why behind having a Craps Hedge Strategy. The game is set up to take advantage of one of three conditions. Either with the shooter, against the shooter, or trying to stay delta neutral with the shooter until you are in position.

At some point, you have to take your stand with or against the shooter, but with a careful craps hedge strategy you can eliminate a lot of the negative effects against you while you are establishing your position on the craps table.



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Why A Craps Hedge Strategy

10 thoughts on “Why A Craps Hedge Strategy

  1. Right on. I don't know how many times i've had 3 come bets and a pass line and 7d out. Your hedge makes sense and at least gives you a chance.

  2. So . . . make more bad bets to cover the bad bets already made huh?  Yeah that sounds intelligent.  Get a clue people, regardless of all the smooth complex "logic",  in the long run the math does not support the claims.  Go ahead, call me a hater, a nay-sayer, & then try this goofy system & learn the hard way.

  3. you people amaze me with all this non sense.

    100. on dont pass
    100. on any 7
    25. each on 2-3-11-12
    leave or remove pass bet after point is establishef.

    do the math on this one pasline or dont pass.

    you will be amazed.

  4. Hi David, clearly you want to help those that need help on the crap table by hedging. I live in vegas and hedge at the craps table also. I'm trying to be helpful with the following suggestion too, you may be interested in a newer video I just ran across. It may be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtWZG09vw7c&t=592s

  5. Best to use hop sevens instead of any seven if you're going to want to hedge. Hop sevens pay 15 to 1, how is it you don't know this?

  6. I don’t know if David will see this, and or comment since I’m at least 2 years from the posting of his video. I want to add my opinions to everyone seeing this. I am Not a hater in any way. I would like to tweak things to make things better. I want to tell everyone how to merger the two best things in craps. Making True Free Odds Bets At No Cost, and if you choose to, Hedge Betting. What is the best bet possible in craps? Answer, free true odds next to, or behind the pass line. The standard straight Pass line is the problem that gives the casino their edge. I would like to show how anyone can nullify the Pass line bet, so it won’t effect you when anyone makes the free odds bet. You will have complete control to choose what numbers you like, and if you want to take the true free odds on the number that was just rolled, bet against that same number with true free odds against that new number, or wait to establish more numbers, and then hedge. There are so many possibilities, and David can make more videos showing these basic steps, and add more of his own flavor to them. Example: If you don’t like the 4 or 10, you don’t have to make the free true odds bet next to or behind the Pass line when the shooter establishes the 4 or 10 as the point. You can either leave it as a push/tie and or then later still use it as a hedge, or make a free odds bet against the point which is also called laying odds against the point. This system Kills the Casino’s Edge to almost nothing, and we have the True Odds in our favor! We start out with $5 Pass Line & @ the same time, $5 on the Don’t Pass Line. The only way you can lose is if the shooter rolls a 12. There is only 1 way to make a 12 out of 36 combinations on the dice. This is the house’s only edge, and it is very very small. Any other number will either push/tie out on 2, 3, 7, 11, Or will become the shooter’s point -with a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. When the shooter establishes a point, you can decide if you like that number by taking true odds next to or behind the Pass line. I recommend if the point becomes 6 or 8, take true odds with/on the shooter. The Pass line is nulled out to be a push/tie no matter what happens. If the 7 shows, and the shooter does Not make their point, the Pass Line is still a push/tie because of the Don’t Pass bet, H O W E V E R you will lose your true free odds bet only. On the flip side if the shooter makes their point, again the Pass line is still a push/tie because of your Don’t Pass bet, and you win on the free odds bet! Now let’s say the shooter’s point is a 5 or 9. You decide if your risk tolerance can handle taking free odds with the shooter next to the Pass line, or if you want to lay the odds against the point, or just leave it as a push. You need to think, what is the trend of the table, hot, cold, or choppy? It’s your choice, the 5 & 9 will swing back and forth. Now when the shooter establishes a point of 4 or 10, then I am very cautious and either not bet the odds, or bet the minimum, unless the table is hot. Again it’s your call, the more you risk, the more your rewarded. This is the right side thinking, but you can flip it and go to the dark side by using the force and laying odds against the point. There are many ways to look at the cube, grasshopper. Now lets get more numbers, and the theory is the same. After the point is established with $5 on the Pass line & $5 on the Don’t Pass line, and say it’s a 6. You take free odds behind the Pass line, and now you want another number to see if you want to take free odds on that next number. You will now put $5 in the Come, & @ the same time, put $5 in the Don’t Come. Everything applies to this as the Pass and Don’t Pass did. When the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then they both travel to that new number, and you can decide based on that new number, if you want to take free odds on that number! If not you can leave it as a push/tie because you Can’t Lose on that number, until you decide to put free odds on it or lay odds against it. If it becomes a number you don’t like, such as a 4 or 10, then don’t do anything, and put another $5 in the Come & @ the same time, put another $5 in the Don’t Come, and wait to see what number is rolled next. Then decide do you like that number. If you do, take free odds through the come, and the dealer will put your true free odds bet onto that new number. That’s from the right side table thinking. And of course you can flip that and think about how a dark side move would work for you. I want to show you another way to look at my system. Just start establishing pushes until you have at least a 4 or 10 set up as a push, and at the same time have a 6 or 8 set up as a push. Then you can hedge bet with laying odds against the 4 or 10 and at the same time take odds through the Come on the 6 or 8 and let the 7 be your wash, and you can also hedge with the hard ways to cut down losses. Remember you can take down your odds at any time on any numbers too. You don’t have to be right side heavy or wrong side heavy. You can keep going as long as you want, and or stop any time you wish and let the shooter roll. I have perfected my system by working backwards having only the free true odds working, and nullifying the Pass line which kills the house edge to almost nothing! Everyone please feel free to strongly critique my system.

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