Win Big at Casino with Stearn Strategy?

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Win Big at Casino with Stearn Strategy? Can you really win $10,000 per week? Today’s video is part of the dice advice series. With this craps strategy you bet in a progressive sequence on the don’t pass. With each loss you continue the progression. With a win you repeat the bet, and if a second win is followed, you will restart the progression to the beginning of the sequence. The betting sequence is in units (1,1,1,2,2,4,4,8,8) This craps strategy is commonly known as the Stearn Method. Thank you to Ryan Vanderheyden for submitting this casino craps strategy.

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Win Big at Casino with Stearn Strategy?

10 thoughts on “Win Big at Casino with Stearn Strategy?

  1. You’d think after nearly 100 years of this game being popular and the 1000’s of casinos and craps tables out there, if there was a “100% guaranteed” way to win it would have been found by now?? And if there was, the casinos probably found it out first and eliminated that possibility. By lowering the odds, charging a commission, or eliminating the bet. Just saying…

  2. What you call the optional method using the parlay on a win, is actually the true method. The reason why is if you win 2 bets in a row with the parlay, you will recoup all the previous losses and come out winning one unit or more on the progression no matter where you are in the progression. If you don't use the parlay, you will be ending the progression at a loss if your 2 wins comes on the second time at the 2, 4, or 8 level.

  3. Bone Thrower showed me how to win $7 million a day for life with his newest dice video folks!

  4. Right when it started getting good the video ended. Wanted to watch more of this in action. Perhaps another channel with longer sessions / less commentary and a P/L statement? Not many play for 20 minute sessions. Also curious if you got my Red Fibonacci series. Sent in a while ago. Always keep up the great content!

  5. can you make a video using this betting strategy(link below) on the don't pass and not on the field? would like to see how that turn out, thanks

  6. I cant tell you enough how much I enjoy your videos. This is the perfect channel for learning the game and experimenting with different strategies. akeep up the GREAT work .

  7. Please don't take a spot at a busy craps table with this b.s. Go play roulette with this strategy.

  8. looks interesting, my question is how do you keep track of where you are in the list when at a live table?

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