6 thoughts on “Winning at craps at Paris in Vegas.

  1. First congrats on another successful LV trip. It's always fantastic to notch a win. You asked for comments about the buy in amount. As you say the buy-in amount is not important… unless your strategy requires it. For me, I use probably a half dozen different strategies at the table. My bets will range from $44 inside to as much as $665 at come out. So for me, the amount of the buy-in needs to be appropriate for the strategy that I plan to use. When I watch craps vids and the guy starts talking about this or that strategy I like to know the buy-in amount. As that speaks to the aggressiveness of the bet. As always another great vid. Keep'em coming.

  2. I am guessing when other folks buy-in at amounts of $500, $1000 or more it’s because they’re not necessarily playing solo at a table and they’re relying on others to win. If that’s the case, you’re most likely going to see random throws with frequent point, seven-out games. I guess a bigger buy-in gets you more shooters to bank on. $100 most likely won’t get you very far, especially if you’re putting half of it down on the felt with your first game.

  3. good video Jeff, also good info about the casino tables, What I have learned about the buy in is, the casino does not care about your buy in. you are rated for comps by the amount you bet, It is easer to have chips in front of you when I need them than to throw more cash down and slow down the game. I will buy in for $500 and know that I will only use $250 of that and then walk away, Good video sir and keep them bones rolling.

  4. Buying in is a casino term that means buying chips with your money. You yourself bought in at $100. Buying in with more gives you more of a bank roll to last more rolls or shooters.

  5. Sound advice, thanks for reinforcing good Craps practices.

    I say how much I am buying in for, or changing my cash for, so people might better understand the minimum I think one should have on the table to play at the betting levels i am demonstrating.

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