Winning Craps Strategy from Deadwood

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This winning craps strategy from deadwood, SD is called the Inside Blitz. By place betting the inside numbers, covering the headways and a simple press and collect alternating bets, this strategy can win if the dice roll inside numbers. Once pressed up to a certain level, you can then spread to the 4 and 10.

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Winning Craps Strategy from Deadwood

10 thoughts on “Winning Craps Strategy from Deadwood

  1. At Las Vegas, lately I have been placing 66 inside. after a hit, I use all of the winning on the inside for times, on the third time I collect and turn off if shooting or take down if not. If i am shooting, I will continue shooting and hit point. one second point I will replace the 66 inside and remove after three hits…

  2. From the title I was thinking this was going to be a strategy from a movie ๐ŸŽฅ haha! Thanks Jeremy!

  3. Good video. Was hoping to get out to S. Dakota for a family trip in the next couple of years. Maybe I'll be able to slip away for some dice…

  4. I can just see how easy it is to lose money on this. Seems okay for longer roles but not a fan of this one. I'd like to see you incorporate some strategies that utilize side bets like the ATS.

  5. If you took the strat "literally" to press the inside to 30 each and then spread to 4/10… it would be interesting to max at 30 in the first phase and then use profit to get the other inside numbers up instead of say pressing to say 42. Awesome! love it! thx

  6. I collected data from a live craps game at a casino involving 6 people 603 numbers to be exact and i got some interesting findings after i put them into software i created.

    Five appearance: 67
    Six appearance: 65
    Seven appearance: 98
    Eight appearance: 67
    Nine appearance: 67

    I wonder why 5 and 9 are so close to 6 and 8? ๐Ÿคจ

  7. Hello Color Up! Really like the way you present the system along with the overhead camera view, so that nothing can be missed as you describe each bet! I'm a new subscriber, so I have a lot of catching up to do on your previous videos! Robert /:-)

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