10 thoughts on “Worlds Greatest Strategy with a 200$ Bankroll$$$$$

  1. Happy I came across this video. Great content. Will definitely try this when I hit Vegas on Monday. Need to make this Bday $$$

  2. Love your mind strategies I made money keep it going love all your strategies my name joe thanks waylon

  3. I do believe this video is a redo Waylon. You are positioning the puck like you did way back and you are placing the "Buy" bets in the "Come" location. I think you owe me $10 for watching this video 20 times to notice that! ; )🙃

  4. Hi Waylon. I like your strategy, but I have a question. The bets you put on the 4 and 10-Are those lay bets or place bets?

  5. You didn’t have to ladder up on any loss. What does that look like?

  6. Phenix city AL. U.S. hwy 80
    Winning Dixie .. almost to Georgia.. camping here with the big rig overnight

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