$100 Craps Challenge!

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Here we go! 5 YouTube Channels are posting their favorite strategies for a $100 bank roll.
My strategy comes from Steve Haltom’s (Heavy) Axis Power Craps Forum. It was originally posted by ShootItAll. This is different from the Facebook forums. If you’re not already a member, I highly encourage you to check it out!


In a nutshell, the One Hit Can’t Miss (OHCM) strategy begins with a bet on the Dont Pass. Once a point is set, place te 6 & 8. After just one hit, you will cover the amount on the table. (Assuming the 7 comes before you roll the point). There are several variations of this strategy, but this is the basic strategy.

In my video, I take a little more risk. Instead of placing the 6&8 for the same amount as the DP, I put up $12 on each. After just one hit, we make $14 that goes into our racks. I will then regress to one unit on the inside numbers and move to a collect and press strategy.

Can it win? Check it out and see!

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$100 Craps Challenge!

10 thoughts on “$100 Craps Challenge!

  1. I didn't watch Clutch Pyro's video, but I think you, sir, is the winner of the challenge.

    I like the voice-over explaining. Makes it easier to understand what you were thinking at the moment.

    By the way, at 16:40 you paid yourself $29 in chips instead of $28. Not a biggie tho. Good video

  2. Great video…. Shows how the dice can and do change… We Just need to be ready to change with the dice. I might have taken my 1/2 bankroll and called it a day. Yes, I've done that at the casino. Cut my losses and run.. I've done that too with my winnings when I or the table has a monster roll.

  3. Nice roll! The voice over commentary was wonderful! I really enjoyed it! I know you only did the voice over because of your cold but I thought it really brought a spark to your video. As ever, I really enjoy the content you are creating. Keep up the good work. I hope I get the honor of seeing you at the tables soon.

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