“Add ’em Stack ’em” Craps strategy (Part 2)

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“Add ’em Stack ’em” Craps strategy (Part 2)

10 thoughts on ““Add ’em Stack ’em” Craps strategy (Part 2)

  1. i'm really impressed with this video I can't to try it kwatch a lot of your video;s.keep them coming Vince, I

  2. Vince If you would like to receive a spreadsheet i created for the accelerator of rack'em stack 'em strategy please let me know. you can email me on ms7thfoor@gmail.com

  3. Tried a few kitchen counter sessions. Random shake and throw style. After pulling a few greens to get my initial $32 back I let the field build. Very hard to resist pulling some greens back occasionally when the field builds up. Then a 6. Aargh!!
    If you've got your initial stack replenished then "hey, no problem. We're playing for free."
    That's why it's called gambling.
    With no fudging I ended with $579 in chips the first go and $338 the second. Tempting to stop when a few 7's come in rapid succession.
    A few more practice runs and I might try it for real.
    It does take balls to just let it ride.
    Not sure I'd have that kind of nerve when playing with real money.

  4. If you get to New Orleans try to get over to Biloxi Ms. We have a Harrahs and about 9 more casinos on our Gulf Coast. Be proud for you to do something on one of your shows about the Gulf Coast Casinos, good luck

  5. Have you ever thought about, starting where you had a point loss?(5,6,8) Maybe around $50. Then hit for another 3-4 hits, then pull some $$.

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