All He Does is Win at Craps!

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All He Does is Win at Craps is the latest color up craps strategy video. This strategy was sent to me by casino YouTube Let it Roll. The bet starts with $66 inside bet and $5 each on 4 and 10. There is also an any craps bet for $1. This bet sequence is repeated for 3 rolls at which time the bet is regressed down to $22 inside. Once $50 in profit is reached for the shooter you begin alternating between pressing your bets and collecting. Check out his channel at

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All He Does is Win at Craps!

10 thoughts on “All He Does is Win at Craps!

  1. Let me know what happens when you place your $77 and 7 rolls, then you do it again and 7 rolls again, and again…….NO STRATEGY IN THE HISTORY OF CASINOS HAS EVER WORKED. IT'S CALLED MATH…….You can thank me later.

  2. I'm mostly a poker player but when I crap it up I only bet on 6 and 8 but I press when I win and I try to take down my bet at a certain point . Most of all don't be afraid to walk away a winner just go get sushi enjoy being able to order anything.

  3. This strategy is so close to mine but 3 things are a little different. I'd totally be down to come up the 24th, but we already have had plans for the 25th up there for a month now. I'll see if I can get them moved.

  4. I use a variation of this strategy. Never bet any craps- big house advantage and a big loser in the long run.

  5. I watch Rick's videos all the time. His casino allows him to record their sessions. It's a good strategy but it only works when you have a controlled shooter like Mel, aka Mr. Miagi rolling the dice.

  6. I like that it has a regress without working the dealers too hard. But still no hedge for the repeat 7 outs that I always encounter.

  7. When I got to Vegas on the strip I see people better 100’s on the numbers and sometimes kill it ans raise a unit when they hit how many numbers would you need to cover ?

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