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For a gambling novice venturing into a casino for the first (or first few times) can be quite daunting and a hundred or so bets on a craps table can further heighten the intimidation factor for this unseasoned casino goer. Forget just the Craps or casino newbie, that is enough to get any gambler (seasoned or not) cross-eyed and confused if he/she doesn’t have a game plan or a strategy to play by. Because it’s a fast-paced game with a lot of noise (players yelling out commands throughout) it’s really hard to get a question in edgewise while at play so you really should get a full understanding of the game before you hit the real tables and put real money wagers on the table. Once you’ve understood the rules of the game and the objective you’re ready to add strategy to your craps casino kit.
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The first tactical tip to take on board is to place the “pass line” bet if you’re not sure about which bet to place. This is among the safest bets to place and one of the most popular. If you understand this, you can get by solely by placing this bet (until of course you get better acquainted with other bets, at which point you can diversify and place additional bets).

The thing to remember when it comes to craps is that of the multitude of bets available, those with bad winning odds far outweigh the ones which offer a good chance of winning (so you must choose carefully). However, if you know how to play there wagers with 0 house edge that you can place to increase your winning odds.

Because of the nature of the game though, (where a craps table may often resemble an office full of stockbrokers a scene from the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) many gamblers fail to make smart bets. Making only smart moves/bets is easier said than done, as it’s very easy to make a wrong bet but here are some tips to help you dodge them better.

Strategy For Craps 101

1. Bet the pass line and the come bar and max out the odds bets on both. Technically the odds are a little better if you bet the ‘don’t pass line’ and the ‘don’t come bar’.

2. If the shooter sets a point number to consider making a side bet that plays along with your pass line bet. This is called the ‘odds’ bet and it’s the best bet in the casino since there’s zero house edge. Most casinos limit how much you can bet on the odds bet though as they don’t make money from it. It’s usually three, four or five times your pass line bet depending on what the point is.

3. Try and put most of your money on the odds bet and remember when you bet the come bar you can make the same odds bet on that if you don’t win or crap out on the first role.

4. If you really want the best odds to ignore all the other bets no matter how pretty they look (easier said than done though): the proposition bets, the hard ways, and the horn, the field and the big 6 and 8.

5. Ignore the puts, plays, buys and the place bets (yes even the place bets!). If you absolutely cannot resist making a place bet only place the 6 and 8.

Most serious craps players to tell you that winning at craps is all about betting when the dice are hot and standing back when the shooters are cold but the truth is you’re always better off putting your money on the with the lowest house edge.

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Best Craps Strategy [2019] – CasinoTop10’s Top Strategy Tips

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