9 thoughts on “Best Vegas “Aggressive” Strategy By Far ! #LasVegas #craps #Vegas

  1. I liked this strategy. Although i would pickup my dont pass after the nine rolls unless it was a 4 or 10. Just use it as a hedge for the 9 rolls. If you ran into a hot shooter after the 9 rolls it could wipe out all your gains playing the donts.

  2. Love this one AZ. I hope at some point you test this one on a succession of nights in a row

  3. i love this game!!!!Oh..Im ready for that 6 shooter challenge..lol…Great channel man.Ive watched a while..Just subscribed. I enjoy playing along..making my side bets..and working my side strategies as you roll.Ill def be tuning in live today…Keep em ROLLIN…..Tr1ckaMonstar

  4. did this in a bubble craps machine before.. 10 rolls, full press, but no DP and no DCs.. took all down after 10 rolls.. pretty good strategy if you're down a lot.. hehehe

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